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About us

About us

All Top Quality Sdn Bhd is a one-stop food packaging solution company which also is the sole distributor for GMP Packaging System, #1 Top Quality Food Sealing Machine in Korea.

The heat sealing system offers a broad range of sealing solution to a wide range of food producers. It has developed an automatic system for heat sealed food distribution that is hygienic, functional and easy to use but also provides an economically efficient solution.


Benefits of GMP Packaging System:-

  1. Quick & easy to use
  2. Leak-proof packs
  3. Hygenic & easy to clean
  4. Huge range of trays & sizes
  5. Cost effective
  6. Local service & backup
  7. And More……


All of our products are suitable for frozen or hot food which is able in freezer to microwave. Temp from – 20°C to 120°C degree. Not only that, we have Easy Peel and Hold films and both of them are available with Anti Fogging.

Product Categories

Sealing Machine

Food Tray

Heater Set

Container with Lid

Packaging Film

Pet Jars (Screw Cap)


Pet Can Bottle